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Thursday, 15 July 2010

jQueryRotate update (1.3)

I'm not updating this blog every time I do release, but of course still alot is happening with jQueryRotate plugin that starts to become more and more popular. You can find newest version of it always at:

Here you can also raise an issue, request a new feature, or just comment the project. Hope you like this approach!


Ben said...

Could you make it so it worked with the jQuery easing plugin when you animate it?

dicky-bird said...

Great plug-in. Some suggested features:
(a) Delayed animated rotate (i.e rotate after 15 seconds)
(b) Shadow effect
(c) Animated shadow, giving the illusion that an image is increasing its height above the page.
(c) Continuous animated rotate (with an option to specify the speed.
(d) Chain effects. eg. Raise image from page, wait 5 seconds, then rotate.
(e) 3-D rotate (out of the plain of the page), e.g. raise one end of an image up by 20-degrees (by simply changing the perspective
(f) Add (rounded) border
(g) Add image caption

g3nn said...

Would u please tell me how to get the current angle-value of an image?

Pawel (Wilq32) Witkowski said...

@g3nn: Please read

@all: All question/bugs/ideas etc. please post on:

As this is currently official page of a plugin (on blog I will only sometimes write about new features)

Ben said...

Is it possible to change rotation center (instead of object center)?


Pawel (Wilq32) Witkowski said...

@Ben: Would love to, but unfortunately this is currently not supported by browsers :/

Gabriel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabriel said...

Is there a way to totally eliminate any easing effect? I'm trying to get mechanical type movements, but the easing is totally throwing it off, which is applied even if I don't specify an easing parameter.

Pawel (Wilq32) Witkowski said...

Oh I would advice to move to official project page, and ask there:

And yes, you can just simply override easing with the simple x=y that will in fact make static movement!:)